Dyani (ariange) wrote in arashi_fanvids,


Hello dear community members!

arashi_fanvids went through a couple of changes! We have a new layout and profile page, so do take a look.

New tags. We went through old entries and tagged everything, remember to use them from now on!
Besides the usual genre/rating/pairing etc. we added "maker" tag - if you posted at least 3 times, you can request your own (if you already did and I somehow miscounted your posts, please leave the links to them in a comment).

I've came across a lot of videos that have been taken down - the full list is here - I'm posting this because whoever wishes, can locate and edit their entry with re-uploaded videos. The ones that haven't been edited by the end of May will be deleted. Clean up done!

That should be all for now, enjoy the rest of the weekend :D.
Tags: ! announcement, !! mod post
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